the kids are (not) alright

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just read another “not too surprising” study here

it’s not too surprising because, altho not myself transgender, i had friends who were somewhere along the spectrum all through my own school years, and was zeroed in on for non-binary expressions of myself.

between 50 and 40 years ago, when i was in schools in northern minnesota, it wasn’t at all uncommon to hear the words “pansy”, “faggot”, “sissy boy”. but whereas terms to slander males by equating them with behaviours ascribed to ‘females’ abounded, the words used to describe someone like me, a person who had predominant same-sex preferences but could do the hetero thing, didn’t yet exist. i still got called “tomboy”, and on occasion a “lezzy”.

altho certainly there were boys who were the ‘quarterback’ undercover type gay and girls who were the ‘make-up and dress-wearing’ type lesbian, who were perhaps whispered about, the majority of the taunts…

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