My life – part 2

Becoming me

The second part of my story… If you want to read the first one first, click here.

During 2008, I started dressing up more often and I occasionally went shopping or out for a drink. I had only told some female friends about my “cross-dressing”, and sometime we would go shopping together. It was pretty scary at first, because I was afraid I would meet a friend who wasn’t aware of it. Later I also started going out at night in other cities. I met some really nice people who were going (or had gone) through the same. It felt really good to be around like-minded people with whom I could talk about my feelings.

The psychologist I started seeing in 2009 was specialized in gender related themes, and talking to her helped me a lot. I had 6 sessions with her, and after the 4th one, I decided…

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